Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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not liking anything

No stink bombs yesterday, but again it was a difficult class. I came out with my face burning red and my hands covered in black ink from the stupid white-board marker. I asked Maria if I had any marker on my face as well, and she said, no, but your hair is sticking up everywhere. I must have been a sight.

Earlier in the day, the plumber had come again, so buka and I couldn’t leave the house. It was one of those days when she doesn’t like anything, not me or my projects, or any of her toys, or even food. I thought she’d pass right out at naptime, if she was half as worn out by it all as I was, but she didn’t like that idea either. She fought it hard for half an hour or more, making noise, banging walls, even folding up her crib mattress into the corner in boredom and protest -- before she finally fell asleep on the cold bare plastic. I covered her up and we both got some rest.


Blogger Eva said...

Oof. No good. Sucks. Sorry!

My advice: if you have a crab, put it in water. By which I mean: crabby babies go in the tub. Maybe that would work next time?

But sometimes they are just contrary.

4:28 AM  
Blogger soap said...

Not a bad idea, but I'd hate to cause more discontent by mixing up the schedule (bathtime before bedtime). I try to control all the variables and make every day the same for her, but she's growing up. Her moods vary like anybody else's. You have a bad day, you just get through it.

8:27 AM  

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